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About Us

About Us

Although we have been mixxing E-Juice liquids for the past several years(since 2009), we are just recently brining our premium flavored e-juices available to you via the internet. 

All of our products are labled with a BORN DATE so you can ensure you are getting a fresh bottle of our E-Liquids. A list of ingredients is also added on our label as well as a warning to keep our product away from children and pets and not to ingest. Keeping our product in a cool, dark place will help perserve the contents for longer storage. You can clearly read the flavors and see the Nicotine MG per ML content. We currently offer only 15ML and 30ML and 100ML sizes.


Flavors By Liquid E Fusion

I started using my e-cigarettes since April of 2008. The moment I started using an ECIG was the same day I quit smoking a pack a day analogs. I started with the USA MIX 18mg tobacco juice and shortly after moved right into flavored juices and never looked back. The one thing I kept noticing from all the suppliers was I was having to order double and even triple shots to get that full tasty flavor I was looking for, this was unacceptable.

Being a rookie at that time I picked up various Lorann's extracts and started experimenting with various combinations and passing them to friends to try, hit or miss I kept documenting my results and recipies. I decided to dig deeper into the E-Juice world and expand my knowledge of the art of mixxing and after learning a lot more my recipies were becoming a success amongst friends and locals. Ditching the Loranns brand I found premium quality concentrates and people began passing and sharing my juices and even sometimes showing up to the local e-cig shops and requesting another bottle, which of course wasn't available at that time.

After much research, trial and error, I have selected the best and safest USA made products to use for my quality recpie concoctions and the taste really shows, thus Liquid E Fusion was born. As of now we offer thousands of various flavor combinations to our customers. © 2016 Amazing eJuice & eLiquid flavors for all vapors & electronic cigarettes.